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Hale MRi Unit
The Hale Propeller Measurement Recording Instrument is perhaps the most sophisticated and certainly the most versatile, computerized three dimensional propeller measurement device available. The Hale Propeller M.R.I. offers a vast number of advantages to the sophisticated propeller repair or performance facility. Because all of the Propeller M.R.I. software is written in a modern computer language and operates in a Windows™ environment. The user learning curve is extremely rapid. Experienced propeller service people learn to operate the Propeller M.R.I. effectively in only a few hours and many in less than one hour. A complete propeller analysis of several thousand measurements can be accomplished in under 5 minutes. The Hale MRI Analysis System Designed, Built and used by Hale Propeller is now available to the marine propeller industry from Michigan Wheel Corporation.
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